A restaurant with the feel of a café. A place where it's good to just BE. A place to "hang out" soak up the atmosphere of the town, savor the vibe. Enjoy life.
«And the perfect accompaniment to your gardianne de taureau? Don't hesitate for a moment : Domaine des Espiers, a Côte-du-Rhône born to the tone of the Camargue. And how about with your salade de gesiers? A Domaine de Beaujeu, a delicious organic wine from vineyards along banks of the river Rhône. And finally, with the harmonie de chèvres frais? A fine wine of true distinction, the AOC Domaine de la Vallongue des côteaux des Baux-de-Provence... »

Please know that is our great pleasure for you to discover, smell and taste, love, the wines that are the very essence of Provence.