A restaurant with the feel of a café. A place where it's good to just BE. A place to "hang out" soak up the atmosphere of the town, savor the vibe. Enjoy life.
Appetizer + Main course : 24€
Main course + Dessert : 22€
Appetizer + Main course + Dessert : 28€

Meal deal
Apetizer + Main course + coffee : 16€

Net prices
16's Classics

Crisp goat’s cheese with tapenade
Salmon mouss with dill
Appetizer of the day

Main courses
Bull’s meat stew with olives
Ducks filets with honeu sauce
Today’s special

Vanilla custard with caramelized sugar
Chocolate fondant cake
The gourmet coffee
Dessert of the day

...and today's Inspirations
from The 16 on the Ardoise